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License Types

Personal Lease

Personal leases are great for consultants and small offices. These licenses are locked to a single device*, making this is an economical option if the software only needs to be accessed on one computer.

*RSLog is an exception as it can be accessed on multiple devices by one User, therefore each Seat is locked to one User as opposed to one User Device.
One Seat
One User Device
Cloud-Hosted Licensing
Managed in the RocPortal

Flexible Lease

For companies that have many engineers needing to access a program on different machines, the flexible lease is the ideal choice. Each seat allows for up to 5 User Devices to access a program. Adding more seats allows for more concurrent users.

Multiple Seats
5 User Devices Per Seat
Cloud-Hosted Licensing
Managed in the RocPortal

Hosting Licenses Locally

Flexible Lease licenses can alternatively be hosted on a local server, however the ability to manage these licenses in the RocPortal will not be available. To request this option, contact us.

Value Beyond the Software

Access to RocPortal

All cloud-hosted licenses are hosted on a secured Rocscience cloud environment. You will manage your organization's access to your licenses through the RocPortal. The RocPortal provides the flexibility to assign members of your team to use programs, make changes to your licenses, while avoiding the need to maintain your own infrastructure (servers, etc.) to host your licenses.

Technical Support

We’re committed to your success, and we don’t stop after providing you with software. Access to our technical support team is included with all lease licenses, so you’re not alone, should you run into issues or have questions about your programs.

Moving Computers

We understand that computers will get upgraded or replaced, can sometimes crash unexpectedly, and even be lost or stolen. Should you ever need to transfer your licenses to a new device, you’ll be able to do this through the RocPortal and avoid any downtime.

Offline Access

You may not always have access to an internet connection. With cloud-hosted licenses, you can check out a license and use it offline. Whether your internet connection is unstable or you're on-site in a remote location, you will always be able to use your programs.

How Cloud-Hosted Licensing Works

The journey to cloud-hosted licensing will provide you with more visibility into your licenses and control over their usage with the functionality provided through the RocPortal.

The main distinction of a cloud-hosted license is that it operates as a named user system. Each user that creates a RocPortal account will be tied to one device (their desktop, laptop etc.) by a unique account ID. Essentially, this means that user and user device are synonymous (User = User Device.)

Personal Lease

For every license purchased, one User Device can be assigned to access the program. Once a user's RocPortal account is tied to a personal license, it is locked.

To change which User Device can access the software, you can transfer access from your existing device to a new device within the RocPortal account settings.

Flexible Lease

For each Seat, up to 5 User Devices can be assigned to the User Pool to access the software and each seat represents one concurrent user.

Each additional Seat of the same product that is purchased increases the size of the User Pool by 5 User Devices.

To change which users can access the software, you can unassign existing User Devices and assign new User Devices to the User Pool from the User Management section in the RocPortal. Each seat has 15 User Assignments* per year. *A User Assignment is used each time you assign a User Device to the User Pool.


Finding the right solution for your company will depend on the number of computers that need to access a program as well as the number of computers that need to use the software concurrently. Some points to keep in mind are:

Personal Lease = 1 Seat. Flexible Lease = Any Number of Seats.
Number of Seats = Number of Concurrent Users.
1 User = 1 User Device - A RocPortal account is tied to a single machine.
User Pool = Number of User Devices that can be assigned to a license.


Personal Lease

For each Personal Lease license, one User Device can be assigned to use the program. Once the User Device is assigned, it cannot be removed and reassigned to a different User’s account.

No, there is no User Pool for Personal licenses. When the User Device is assigned to the program, it is locked to the seat.

Yes, each user has the ability to change the device that's connected to their RocPortal account up to 3 times per year. This functionality is done through the RocPortal.

Flexible Lease

For each seat, you can assign up to 5 User Devices to access the software.

Each additional seat purchased increases the size of that program's User Pool by 5 User Devices. If you bought 2 seats, the User Pool would be 10 User Devices. 3 seats would be 15 User Devices etc.

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